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XF 1.4 XF addon upgrade


Active member
I just got an upgrade log notice for some of the add-ons i have on my forum. It is asking for Xenforo username and password; I have tried to log in with my username: "emmy" with the password I use each time i log in here through Facebook - I get the message that it is incorrect. When i registered on here, I did that through Facebook. I have also tried the credentials i use for my ACP, but unsuccessful too. I don't know if i am using the wrong username/password or doing something wrong to upgrade the add-ons - Please any advise will be appreciated.


Thank you

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
You likely don't have a password here. Meaning you exclusively log in through Facebook.

You should set a password on your XF account. That should allow you to use that password with that add on.

You can do that from Account > Security here.