XF 2.3 ?

oO5 Dynasty

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We're skipping 2.3 and going straight to 3.0.

That will require all add-ons to be rewritten in a new language called Skynet++ and members will require an implant to use the site.
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Wildcat Media

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Next person who asks when 2.3 is going to be available is going to lose their XF forum license and be forced to convert to wwwboard. And by convert, that means all posts need to be manually retyped into that archaic forum system, one at a time. You may need extra caffeine. Start a GoFundMe to purchase extra Tim Horton's if you need to.

And don't pester @Brogan for assistance on that one...the conversion, not the Horton's....

Wildcat Media

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So I assume you @Wildcat Media definitely have knowledge when 2.3 is coming out?
Of course! When it's ready.™ 🍻

Does this count as a question about availability?

And when will you install this ancient board?
Only after I find an ancient version of Apache and a Pentium server to run it on. Or maybe I'll just set up a BBS so I can use my old 1,200 baud modem again.

Do I get a dollar per question?
Yes, but I also charge a dollar per answer. Fair deal? 😁


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would u guys rather have 2.3 or cost of housing in ur country to go down

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Time for my second installment of going deep with 2.3:

If you could eat and drink whatever you want and stay in perfect shape, or you could only drink water and eat meals that are only a 5/10 to you for the rest of you life but XenForo 2.3 "Have you seen...?" threads will start, which one are you picking and why is it XenForo 2.3 "Have you seen...?" threads?

#3) Would you trade your s/o for XenForo 2.3? Happy Valentine’s!

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Tomorrow, 2.3 HYS threads will start, but on one condition. To get your 2.3 HYS fix, you must mail flowers to @Brogan every month until 2.3 releases.

Do you mail your flowers? Or do you wait longer for 2.3 HYS?

Pawn Studios

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why would you think that implants would be required to use forum software?
to offload the load from the load bearing servers so that the clouds can stay in the sky and not become an impending doom of crashing into the ground crushing our decades of city scaping

Recep Baltaş

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We really need better Elastic Search support. We'd like to use ES8 and have better optimization. Forums are getting bigger and bigger and we can't have all the load on the database.


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With all this anticipation built up, 2.3 better be pretty spectacular. 2.4 may not be necessary. 2.3 will be the Platonic ideal of Xenforo. :LOL: