Add-on [XF 2.2] Looking for custom archiver addon.


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I work for a non profit museum that deals with history often sold on the likes of ebay/auction sites.

We're looking for a XF 2.2 addon that works on PHP 7.4 that is able to do the following.

1, User inputs auction/site link via BBCode/Input box. (Examples would be auctions/taoboa/etc.
2, A description of the ebay/link is pasted/quoted into the thread.
3, All auction images i.e from eBay are cached/stored locally including a link to original auction. We have an addon that uploads these to our CDN server via FTP so it must work here.
4, Finally the original auction/site link is auto archived to which is in turn linked to thread. If this isn't possible, a means to paste the original url to cache to would be needed.

Why do we need this? To keep track of prices of sales and images. eBay started deleting listings after a few months and it's become a major pain for our community to keep track.

We're looking for safe, clean code from trusted developers. Our budget isn't much due to the non profit status of our site meaning all donations we get have to be spent wisely.

Please post rough price estimates here in thread, with examples of your work please.