XF 1.5 [XF 2.2] also...Spam detection in private conversations

Wildcat Media

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We now have a rash of new members getting error messages about their private conversations containing "spam-like contents." They have forwarded them to us, and yet none of us see a single thing spam-like about their messages. In fact, this happened to me a few years ago, and I have been a staff member since 2004 with tens of thousands of posts.

This is in version 1.5 of XF currently, but we are very shortly going to be doing the move to 2.2 once I can get this third party theme fully sorted (as it'll be our forum's default).

Where is the detection being done? I don't see anything in the Spam Management page that directly applies to spam detection in private conversations. The only possibly relevant part I see is this:


I dumped the Akismet key a few weeks ago yet the errors remain. The spam phrases catch only URLs. And when I had my error message years ago, I don't even think I had any spam filters in place.

But this still doesn't seem as though it applies to private coversations, as we cannot "manually approve" those messages (IOW, send them to moderation).

My questions:
  • Is there somewhere else that these messages are being detected as spam?
  • Or is this baked into XF's coding somewhere, so it can't be adjusted?
  • Is this behavior fixed or improved upon in XF 2.2? (The admin page has the same options.)

Wildcat Media

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OK, it's sourced from there--thanks for clarifying.

But why would members with higher message counts get flagged? Like mine did, a few years back. (I may have even reported that here.) Spam filtering stops at five messages, if I'm reading it correctly.

I'll be sure I'm getting good feedback from the mod staff before I look into things further.