XF 2.2 XF 2.2.9 and PHP 8.1


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Great to see XF 229 released just now, looking forward to installing it. Just a quick clarification please.

I see that compatibility with PHP 8.1 has been improved in several areas, but is it now recommended to use it on a production system?

It seems to me it still isn't, especially as the system requirements page shows as below. I want to use the highest version of PHP that's recommended.



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Has anyone using 8.1 with 2.2.9 noticed an error with PUSH notifications? (when someone LIKEd a post) This was my only issue.


I set it back to PHP 7.4 for now.

I don't see an option for gmp in the multi php editor, or the php.ini.


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I hae no idea whhat a "multi PHP editor" would be, but GMP is available on PHP 8.1 - we've got that enabled on our servers (using Debian/Ubuntu, no control panel involved).
Perhaps I should check with my host, to see if it is something they have to enable. I'm fairly limited, by Cpanel.