XF 1.5 xf 1.4.5 import - Own messages in New Posts


Hi, I imported our old forum via Import External Data into a fresh install of 1.5.12. Everything seems to be fine, had to fix permissions and set up the options.

But when logging into the forum under New Posts everything is bold. Seems all old messages are new, that would be kind of OK. But it lists also threads, where the logged on user posted last.

Is there an easy way to fix this? Is this data saved in a table and can I import that table from our old forum?

Thanks a lot.


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Realistically, this isn't something we target importing. We don't recommend importing as a means of clean up for example.

In this situation, we'd recommend that users mark all forums as read and start from fresh (if needed).


Thanks, I changed my strategy. Cleaned up the old forum of unused add-ons and upgraded to the current version. Compared my acp settings with a demo acp to see what we changed over the years.