Not a bug XF 1.2.1 suddenly user upgrades do not work anymore


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I just upgraded from 1.20 to 1.2.1 two days ago and now I can not save anymore the settings for user upgrades. Alle old settings are lost.

The checkbos are all empty and as soon as I try to enable it again and save the new settings, it deos not save them without any error. If I open it again, the settings are lost again.

If now users try to purchase a premium usergroup, Paypal gives it to them with a 12 months trial period. I never had this setting of a trial period and it is neither shown in the settings.

Seems to be a bug...


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This code wasn't changed for 1.2.1 and I cannot reproduce what you're seeing. I would recommend disabling all add-ons and confirming if the issue continues. If it does, you may need to look at something like mod_security blanking out input or something like that. If input is being silently truncated, that is going to cause all sorts of strange issues.