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Xentrophies add-on

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Korenwolf, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm currently looking into Xenforo and i;m trying to create an add-on too enable the use of custom trophies. See http://xenforo.com/community/threads/suggestion-manually-award-trophies.3239/page-2#post-224015

    After reading http://xenforo.com/community/threads/creating-an-addon.5416/ i made a start creating the add-on but i ran into a problem.

    What class / file is used to create the tabs in the admin view of the user profiles. Cause i need to add a tab there so admins are able to select/deselect trophies for a user.

    Thanks for you time!
  2. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    You need to use the Template hook

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  3. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

  4. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    I'm working on the customTrophies add-on but i'm running into some trouble with the following:

    I only found the admin tab options Ragtek suggested (admin_user_edit_tabs
    and admin_user_edit_panes) inside an XML file -> install/data/admin_templates.xml

    So i copied a part of the necessary the code and made a template called : customtrophies_admintab

    <!-- slot: pre_trophies --> <li id="tabTrophies"><a>{xen:phrase trophies}</a></li>
    When i put the above code directly into the class it works, but when i create a template it shows nothing.

    WORKS: $contents.= '<!-- slot: pre_trophies --><li id="tabTrophies"><a>{xen:phrase trophies}</a></li>';
    FAILS: $contents.= $template->create('customtrophies_admintab',$template->getParams());
    Any ideas or directions are greatly appreciated.
  5. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    Have you created a ADMIN TEMPLATE? ( I run also several times into the problem, that i created a public template instead of admin ;)
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  6. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    gaaaaah! I wasn't even aware that admin templates existed..... i also found where to create them (development tab > add admin template)... gosh.. it worked instantly, a big thank you goes out to Ragtek :) !!
  7. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

  8. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    Is there a way to add the theme templates in the add-on?
    I'm working with the $template->create() and made 2 theme templates but they do not showup in the add-on export xml.

    Is there a way ? (besides not using $template->create )
  9. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    For the add-on export, you need to associate the templates, phrases, events, routes,.etc.. to your add-on!
  10. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    Could you explain how that works ?
    Can't find any info on associating templates on the forum and google doens't want to be my friend on this subject...

  11. Bob

    Bob Well-Known Member

    edit one of your addon tempalates and at the bottom, you will see Add-on: and a drop down listing of all addons. This is how you associate a template with a specific add-on. This needs to be done on the MASTER STYLE.
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  12. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    Template=> you need to create a template in the master style
    Then you'll have a add-on field at the bottom of the form, where you need to select the addon

    Edit: Oh, too slow
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  13. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    Aha in the Master style, check! Thanks for the info Bobster65!

    (Ragtek i'll like you post just for trying ;) )
  14. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    Darn i got this far: created add-on, created master style templates, created admin templates, created working code event listeners too add a tab to member profile and admin user edit screen.

    Working on the "adminpane" admin template i ran into new challenges. The pane needs to show a list of all trophy names with checkboxes in a form.
    The trophies a user already owns will get checked. All trophies can be checked/unchecked and saved to a user.

    So for this i need a form, foreach, if and some knowledge how to use function withins a template.... (if even possible)
    I got this far (and next up is a new function for checking called CheckUserTrophies):

    {xen:phrase customtrophies_adminpane_title}
    <form action="{xen:adminlink users/username/edit}" method="post" class="xenForm AutoValidator">
    <xen:foreach loop="$trophy" value="$trophy">
    <xen:checkboxunit label="">
    <xen:option name="{$trophy.id}" label="{$trophy.name}" hint="{$trophy.name}" />
    <xen:if is="CheckUserTrophies({$trophy.check})">CHECKED</xen:if>
    <xen:submitunit save="{xen:phrase customtrophies_submit}" />
    I will gladly receive tips, examples, explanations, help on how to continue and some laughs about my code (and english) :notworthy:

    *i will updated the above code regularly to add my latest findings
  15. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    I cant figure out how to send vars to a template, something with, i'm have to idea i'm missing the point bigtime:

    CheckTrophies.php in directory Model
    class CustomTrophies_Model_CheckTrophies extends XFCP_XenForo_Model_Trophy
    //check user for awarded trophies
    public function CheckUserTrophies()
    $viewParams = getAllTrophies($userId);
    //* Gets all trophies, ordered by their points (ascending).
    //* @return array Format: [trophy id] => info
    $viewParams = $this->fetchAllKeyed('
    SELECT id
    FROM xf_trophy
    ORDER BY trophy_points
    ', 'trophy_id');
    //* Gets all trophies that the specified user has earned. Ordered by award date descending.
    //* Needs @param integer $userId
    //* @return array Format: [trophy id] => trophy info plus award_date
    $user_trophies = $this->fetchAllKeyed('
    SELECT trophy.*,
    FROM xf_user_trophy AS user_trophy
    INNER JOIN xf_trophy AS trophy ON (trophy.trophy_id = user_trophy.trophy_id)
    WHERE user_trophy.user_id = ?
    ORDER BY user_trophy.award_date DESC
    ', 'trophy_id', $userId);
    $i = 0;
    foreach ($all_trophies)
    if in_array($viewParams[$i],$all_trophies)
    //add check value to array [check] = true ?
    return $this->responseView('XenForo_ViewAdmin_Customtrophies_Adminpane','customtrophies_adminpane', $viewParams);
    Can anyone point me out how to use this and make $trophy available in my template ?
  16. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

    Have you checked what
    $viewParams = array( 'trophy' => getAllTrophies($userId));


    Doesn't this throw an error?
  17. Korenwolf

    Korenwolf New Member

    No idea how do you check it from within a class in xenforo ?
    normally i would do a vardump (did a search with no result on the forum)...
    Watch the video, remembered it from last week

    if i'm correct ?

    getAllTrophies is an excisting public function within Trophy.php (xenforo/model/)
    The only error i'm getting is this one (emtpy $trophy):
    Template Errors: customtrophies_adminpane
    [*]Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/oldrep/public_html/beta/library/XenForo/Template/Abstract.php(262) : eval()'d code, line 11:
    10: '; 11: foreach ($trophy AS $trophy) 12: {
    I started out with this
    $viewParams = getAllTrophies($userId);
    and just tried some stuff i read on the forum

    * Gets all trophies, ordered by their points (ascending).
    * @return array Format: [trophy id] => info
    public function getAllTrophies()
    return $this->fetchAllKeyed('
    SELECT *
    FROM xf_trophy
    ORDER BY trophy_points
    ', 'trophy_id');

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