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netkingZ submitted a new resource:

xenStreams - xenStreams need to make the streams, has a work twicth that refers to the homonymous streaming site.

What is it?
xenStreams need to make the streaming, has a work twicth that refers to the homonymous streaming site.

How does it work?
xenStreams is fully integrated in XenForo.

- Can enable or disable the add-on
- You can enable or disable the channel Twitch
- You can enable or disable the chat channel Twitch
- Can enter your username Twitch
- Can inserie an image as a background
- Can enter other streaming media.


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I do not know why I am interested in the add-on xenrio but I do know that the plurality of products improves the yield and more we appreciate the fact that users are given the opportunity to choose, the user is free to choose what they prefer.Our policy is not to go against anyone or anything but encourage applications and our products. We do not rooting against but in favor of what we create.;)

For full disclosure to inform you that we have referred to this request (http://xenforo.com/community/threads/twitch-tv-livestream-hub.44827/) and because we were interested in covering another aspect of the gaming world, we decided to create this add-on.
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[xenStreams v.1.0.1]
Added the display system of the streaming channel in Top Forum.
In this picture you can see the addition of choice to enable the Streaming in Top Forum:

The portion of the stream in this image was blurred for privacy reasons.
updated demo.


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It has been used in the system pages.
Please ask the users not to respond on behalf of our company on questions regarding our products are figures involved in this.
Thank you very much interest and aid, but our company already provides figures who perform this work. ;)

Do you have an English translation for this?
What is it?
This add-on provides the user the option to view your streaming channel on its website xenForo.
We hope now is more understandable.


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[xenStreams v.1.0.2]
Added the function Radio.
Now you can turn on your radio channel.
In this picture you can see the addition of the radio:

The portion of the radio in this image was blurred for privacy reasons.
updated demo.


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[Update v.1.0.4]
• Added the function "Only Registered" where only the user registered sees the Streaming in Top-Forum
• Now if the user click on "xenStreams" the item is selected.


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The company has decided that from now on will be posted our add-on, our templates and various updates without giving any public response to the user.
We will be happy to answer you and help you in private so as to devote much more attention to each of you.
We invite anyone who wants to support information or contact us privately.
You will find in the next few days more and more information and news about our projects on our website, we will limit ourselves to the publication of this platform.

Thank you for your attention
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After reading the Overview I still have completely no idea what this mod does
It serves to show the stream, along with commentary on its website. With this add-on to manage the streaming Twitch or other channels, you can enter information about what the user is seeing at that time and in addition can be used for streaming-gaming where you update the score of clanwar. In addition to all this, you can enable the "streaming home," which shows the channel streaming on the home, and enable chat Twitch.
With the latest update you can also handle the volume.

Now do you understand? :D


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It was announced that from today there will be more information provided in connection with this add-on on this page, but we will use our website as an information base, specifically the section dedicated to the add-on (http://demo.netkingz.it/xenforo / index.php? forums/add-ons.39 /).

We invite all interested users with this add-on to put their questions in the special section on our website in reference to the add-ons that interests you.

On this site we report only the updates of the add-ons. invite anyone to ask their own questions within our website in the section dedicated to this add-on.
just a thought since this is the only add one i have seen that supports radio...

add more support for radio by:
allowing more then 1 radio station stream to be added
allow radio blocks to be placed any where such as the side bar or above the TiagaChat SB and so on (using template locations)

i was thinking of adding live radio streams to my site but i want to restrict to only VIP members user group that can see it and either have a side bar with 4-5 radio streams with there own customized mini players and a title above the player saying what kind of radio station it is...

or have 1-2 radio mini players on one side bar ad 1-2 others at the top above shout box on main forum page.

or just make it compatible with
xfrocks widget frame work if it isn't already that will make things such as the placement of the radio stations easier...

i don't have this add one yes though but i would like to see something like b4 i consider getting it (the user group restriction is a must..)