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I recently commissioned a website to be built and the end result left me with several unfixed issues that cannot be resolved in the current situation. What i needed is a portal page using XenPorta Pro 2, one quick example of a page that I like style wise is this http://aeroforcegaming.com/ (Mostly the clean block style of the stories). So what appears to have happened was that the person I was working with noted that the site i used as a reference used a combination of XenPorta Pro 2 and Featured Threads so we decided to give that a try. In the end nothing appears to work correctly and I think its better to start fresh and potentially stick with only XenPorta Pro 2 to keep things simple.

I'd love to have some other minor tweaks done along the way and hopefully stick with the same person for all future upgrades and additions. If you are interested and very experienced with XenPorta installation, configuration and customization please let me know.

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