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xenMiG Portal - Our portal for XenForo

xenMiG is a collaboration between xenDACH, the German XenForo Community, and Monkey Palm Media UG (limited liability company). Together we develop add-ons for XenForo software. The first result of this collaboration is the now appearing xenMiG portal.

In addition to your XenForo forum-software, you are looking for a comprehensive portal with creative freedom? The xenMiG portal could be just the thing for you.

Our portal gives you:
  • A grid-based layout system with multiline...
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First steps

After installing you will find a new area in the applications

First please use the options. You find them at the normal place or with the link "Options"

Following from the "Permissions"

After that you will need some widgets (more will follow soon, but until now we try our best for a stable base)

Install some widgets

Then you need a layout

Create one ...


and open the Layout Customizer

You can drag & drop the widgets into free fields or use the grid widget for splitting the lines and fields. Maybe something like this?

The icons of teh widgets are for ..

Blue: Options
Green: Move
Red: Delete
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Only a short overview of the style options. More options in the next versions

xp13.png xp17.png xp14.png xp15.png xp16.png
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The News-System is one of our heartbeats. You will be able to use some parts as an editorial word. Our first step to an editorial department, based of XenForo. More of this soon.

You will be able to use categories for the news. There s no need of doing it but it offers more options

You will be able to use threads ...

and/or postings

for a news
Use the original post or use the teaser for real headlines and teasers. Use the title of the thread or an own title. Publish on a special date or as another user or service account. Use Icons for the teaser and respect their brands. ...

You will be able to manage news in the backend or in the frontend with the "News Control Panel"

Manage ...

and/or moderate ...

with loggings ...

of the news activity

And a frontend news design (included)


More widgets and features will be come very soon ...
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You find also 2 Videos there who show what can be done.
Even if they are in german language you will understand the function of the portal.


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I understand your words and if we got a chance, there would be no way to delete the brand. The xenMiG Add-ons are from fulltime developers and branding is advertising. But there are a lot of people who like to remove it and this is the compromise.

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For me my avatar is the perfect picture of a Wolf-Shaman. I played a Wolf-Shaman for a very long time in a pen&paper roleplay and the moment I saw this picture, many, many years ago, I fall in love. I think it is my avatar since ten or more years.
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If you are interested in our work this will be the next steps. The widget part will be revised and at the moment there are 41 widgets on our to-do list. Parallel we implement the first part of our CMS component into the portal. You will be able to create content without threads and postings. But before this we need to stabilize the base.

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Can you show us more about the news article management? How are the thumbnails managed (can the size be changed easily) ? And how does the Article view look like; is it the normal thread view?
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a) can we get a list of the 40 odd widget renderers being created?
b) any integration between any 3rd party products? For example CTA featured threads, Showcase etc?
b) How much is branding free? Seriously hope you consider giving the early purchasers and supporters of this product a branding free license for the same price.
d) how complex can the layouts get? Hope to see some more complex layouts than the basic 3 column layout at http://www.xendach.de/. ideally a magazine layout would be nice to see what can be done with this addon.