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XenMerge - Diff/Merge for your templates 0.1b

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Naatan submitted a new resource:

XenMerge - Diff/Merge for your templates (version 0.1) - Provides diff/merge functionality for templates to easily update to newer addon or XenForo versions

As the title already explains this addon will ease the process of bringing your templates up to date when you update your addons or XenForo version. It also allows you to manually diff templates while editing, which is useful when you are creating a new style and want to copy something back into your template that you removed earlier (for example).

Only public templates are currently supported, this does not yet work on admin templates.

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Ooh this is awesome. Nice work. I will be trying this. Loads of templates on our install are outdated.
Using this I finally got around to looking at the outdated templates ive been putting off for months.

Naatan. +10 internets to you.

Works perfectly.

That's exactly the reason I needed it for, glad it could help someone else as well :)
Have not seen this, will need to take a look at it. I know for sure there are some outdated templates in my install that somehow got edited before I reverted.... Not sure how it happened...:cautious:
I somehow missed this addon until now. Wish I had found it sooner. I realize it's still beta, but this might be a little too useful to pass up or wait for an update. I've been using notepad++'s compare/diff plugin to compare templates, but this seems much easier.

Hopefully it will work without issue. Would love to see this addon come out of beta, and if it ever does I'll have my good review ready.

Thanks for sharing!
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