XenForo_Mail in XF 1.5


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I wrote a plugin that sends a welcome e-mail based on information in the registration form, it has worked for years under XF 1.4, however it doesn't appear to work under XF 1.5. I am also using [BD]Mail and Amazon SES for the queue.

Has anything changed that would affect sending e-mails using XenForo_Mail?:

                $mail = XenForo_Mail::create('TestEmail_contact', $params);
                $mail->queue($email, $username);
I don't see any errors in the admin panel, but no e-mail arrives since upgrading to XF 1.5. All system generated e-mails work, it's only this addon that fails.


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Problem solved... an incompatibility with another addon was causing this. Thread can be closed/locked if you wish, as it's probably useless. ;)