Implemented XenForo_Locale::numberFormat() size option


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It would be nice if the "size" option of this function supported more than KB and MB... Probably good enough when calculating size of attachments, but when using it for other things it can start to look silly without GB and TB support (especially when building things that track cumulative stats)...

For example...

Memcached Data Transferred: 12,832,080.23 MB
Free Memory On Server: 10,337.12 MB
MySQL Traffic: 38,291,497.03 MB

Would be a lot nicer if they were instead:

Memcached Data Transferred: 12.23 TB
Free Memory On Server: 10.09 GB
MySQL Traffic: 36.51 TB

It wouldn't hurt to toss PB in there just for good measure. :)


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PB hehe.. for a moment there i thought that read you allocated 12.23TB of memory to memcached servers :eek: