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I am seriously thinking of switching over XenForo to from IPB. I have had continued problems with my database throwing an error. Running a 3 forum for over 10 years I have never had this problem until I switched to IPB. When these errors happen it really hurts my traffic to the forums. When switching to this software what should I expect? Why is it better than IPB software. Is there someone here that can help me do the transfer and permissions for me. Any input would be appreciated thanks for your help.

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Although it would be easy for me to say XenForo is the answer to all of your problems, it would also be fair to say that obviously IPB ultimately should work flawlessly without these database errors. It may be that you have a server or hosting issue. In which case, I wouldn't want to give you the expectation that XenForo would fix that problem and you then find you've got the same problems.

So, I think it would be wise to get to the root cause of the problem before making a switch that may ultimately have the same issues.

However, if we forget about all that for a second, we are all obviously going to say that we think XenForo is better. I suspect if you asked the same question at their forums they would say IPB is better :D

But yes, XenForo is better :p We find it is incredibly friendly to use from an Admin and User point of view, the support here is absolutely fantastic, and customising it is probably one of the easiest forum systems to customise.

As for the transfer and permissions, there's lots of people here who can help you with that. I personally have experience with migrating from vBulletin to XenForo. Would be happy to help if you need any advice.
I have been using the same host for the last 8 years. Never had any database errors until I switched to IPB. We have been working hard for the last year and a half trying to figure out what the problems are. I have even separated the database from the software on 2 different servers. But the problem still persists. I was previously using VBB never had this problem it was probably the biggest mistake I ever made was moving away from VBB to IPB. I have spent a fortune with these guys with 3 different licenses, applications and hooks. I have never been happy with the performance or the software.

I appreciate the advice and help offered. I might buy the software and install it in one of my servers with a backup database on it to see how it works and how I can modify it to work as a classifieds.

Chris D

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In which case, if you're certain the problem is IPB then all I can say is that XenForo absolutely doesn't have the same problems. There's so many people using XenForo now, and everyone comments on how well XenForo performs compared to vBulletin, IPB, MyBB, PHPBB... etc...

There's also loads of different boards out there already using XenForo. Including this one, of course. http://boards.ign.com is probably one of the biggest boards on XenForo and I think you'll agree it performs admirably.

Yeah try things out yourself, it's the best way. The support forums here are fantastic you will almost definitely get any questions answered very quickly.
http://boards.ign.com Great website My membership on my forums are not even close to what this website has.

The interface on this software is so different it will take some time to get used to.

Are there a lot of applications or hooks for this forum software?

I noticed that AdSense was on the 1st post right-hand side. Is this something that you can do with the software? I have a lot of local advertisers on our sites it's important for me to have the ability of posting their ads on the side of the forums or within the topics. It helps to pay for the 5 TB of transfer every month. Here is a link to http://www.fhclassifieds.com/. Thanks for your help....


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Are there a lot of applications or hooks for this forum software?
XenForo can be customized to the limit of your programming skills. However, XenForo still is a very basic forum-only package from the core. There are paid addons as well as some free ones. So, please take a look at the resources area here and see what's already available. There is still a lot of basic functionality missing in XF that you may find in more mature packages on the market. The addons that are available, bridge that gap but they are still just patch work to match missing features people are use to.

The best thing you can do is take a stroll through the demo and take a look at the basics.

Chris D

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Yeah it will take a bit of getting used to, but I was surprised how quickly I got used to it after using vBulletin.

XenForo has some fantastic template conditionals available. One example is you can make a single edit to the message template that says in basic terms "if post position is 0 then show this ad code". So it's very easy to do things like that.

The software is very advertising friendly too. There's loads of templates designed solely for advertising code. You should sign up for the demo, and check out the Admin CP features. If you go into Appearance > Templates and search for all templates beginning with ad_ you will see all of the possible locations for ads. Obviously the ads can go anywhere, but these templates really make it easy.

Also, I mentioned conditionals earlier. Here's some examples:


You may want to display different advertising to guests than registered members so you could do something like this:

<xen:if is="!{$visitor.user_id}">
This content will show to guests and be hidden from registered members

Also, check out the Resource Manager http://xenforo.com/community/resources/ where you can see all of the third party add-ons available.


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I am seriously thinking of switching over XenForo to from IPB. I have had continued problems with my database throwing an error. Running a 3 forum for over 10 years I have never had this problem until I switched to IPB. When these errors happen it really hurts my traffic to the forums.
Have you tried opening a support ticket about the issue(s)? If you had them for a long time, I suppose you tried to work with IPS staff for a solution?
I was just reading that this software does not support mobile devices. It's a huge disappointment I have over 8000 visitors a day using their mobile devices. There will be a uproar if I switch to a different software that did not support mobile. Does anyone know if this is being worked on and when it will be completed? Thanks for your inputs.


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Mobile support is coming in 1.2 but as yet there is no release schedule for it; so, it's coming, but we don't know when.

TBH I find XF works okay on my mobile browser and there's Tapatalk and Forumrunner add-ons (which can both be run together on the same site!) if you/your membership prefer to access your site via an app. (y)


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