Hey all I run a mc server and are currently using enjin! I have a lot of experience coding mc stuff but nothing to do with websites!
I am looking into xenforo and need to know a couple of things!
What extras are useful?
Is it easy for someone with no experience coding online?
Is it easy to install onto a web host?
What web host is good and reliable?
Would u recommend it over enjin?


1) What do you mean by extras, add ons?

2) To code you must have at least a level of php and mysql knowledge. And of the oop system too.

3) There are a lot of good hostings around. I would suggest that you do some research before you purchase a hosting plan though.

4) What is enjin?
4) What is enjin?

enjin is a free hosting for gaming related websites...they offer paid plans as well....and creates/supports ALL there addons, plugins and modules. Drawback is the software is table based, static layouts that have no give – An ancient setup that is still being used today.
There are many similar third-party addons for xen but are paid and most of them have excellent support. fyi...Xen doesn't come with integrated social groups. Paid add on:
I wish to create a community such as this
Old version of XenForo (circa 2013) using XenPorta (the free one that is no longer supported - the new is a paid add-on).
The Shoutbox is Tiaga Chat. The events is Jaxel's XenAtendo (again, no longer supported in the free format but is a paid add-on).
The rest looks pretty much standard Xenforo.

As of that I am unsure of what addons I would need and how easy it is to install into a web host
See above.. and installing the script is very easy (if you set up a MC server you should be able to do XenForo with no issues).
@Tracy Perry
Also I had a question!
If I installed into onto let's say bluehost and I didn't like bluehost could I uninstall it and reinstall it onto a new web host or would I have to buy a new license!
Also by free do u mean xenforo was free?
As Brogan stated, you can install in on any host you want that supports the requirements - and you can move it to another as many times as you want, as long as no more than 1 copy is running at a time.
The circa 2013 refers to the version of XenForo (it will be a 1.2/3 era one most likely) since it's using the older version of XenPorta. XenForo has never been free AFAIK. The "free" comment was of the add-ons (XenPorta and XenAtendo) - which are both now paid ones in their current versions.
I suggest you search the forums for threads on web hosting. There are plenty of them and you'll have a bunch of people in these stating their preference. That'll give you a wider choice rather than responses from just a few people in this thread.
I run on dedicated hardware personally - none of my sites need that much power, but I like the control. My current sites are on a SoYouStart E3-SAT3 and am moving them over to an OVH server using a D-1520 CPU, 32GB RAM and 2 480GB SSD drives in RAID 1.
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