Xenforo was a lifesaver during COVID 2020 lockdowns


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Having the forum as another revenue stream was really helpful during 2020 after Covid lock downs! Obviously all the people getting stuck at home also inherently boosted our site usage. One of our competitors still uses the crap forum software and has been hacked, users been sent requests for Dero crytpo donations etc. Basically we dominate the whole space thanks to XF!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way and I just wanted to take time to thank the Xenforo team, @Chris D @Brogan and all the others. The work you are doing impacts people all over the world, thank you!

Also a s/o to @AndyB! His addons line up very well with what we do on our forums and have even helped further it's success. IT's hard to pick a favorite, but Weekly Newsletter is a great boost for the site each week to keep us on our user's busy radar! I can't forget about @Siropu either, the ad's manager 2 has been a game changer for our Amazon & Ebay Affiliate program. It takes a lot of work putting in each keyword, but little by little all those keyword ads build up over time! During Covid someone bought a 7,000.00 treadmill through one of our affiliate links. LOL