Xenforo vs Enjin (using it for guild management)


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I am tired of using Enjin community hosting. The site is resource intensive, i get anti-ddos security captcha's every 3-5 pages i open on mobile devices(not only me but other users too)
I also can't use custom smilies, i also cant use a favicon, and there is no mobile version exept for the forums.

What i am curious at, is how Xenforo stacks vs Enjin. Enjin can be crappy like i just described, but it has easy and alot customalisation.

I want to use Xenforo like Enjin. 2 or 3 columns with different modules in it. I want to have a shoutbox, a poll etc. Also a front news site.

What also is important is guild managment. I will have member ranks of people in the guild, and i want moderators(officers) to be able to give and remove the member rank to users.
Enjin only allowed moderators to edit the ranks of all users. They could give themselfs the leader rank, wich is obviously not really the meaning :p

Finally a must-have is a teamspeak viewer and a customizable contact form with multiple-choice answers.

Thanks alot for any answers. Ive been snooping around a bit checking features, and it seems nice. Still a long way to go if i decide to use Xenforo, since i never owned a VPS server yet, and i also need to set up teamspeak.

I have already seen that alot of the option i ask for here are available, but how they are installed and how difficult that is, i doubt a bit. I have tried alot other CMS/forum software that was freeware in the past, but also of times stuff just doesnt work, or breaks the site.


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The honest answer having used both, if you're coming from Enjin and expecting XenForo to match upto it as a guild management software with feature parity in the same plug and play manor, you will struggle.

That said, if you are willing to put the time in, what you can do with XenForo is considerably better than Enjin.


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Thanks for the honest reply!
I can put time into it, but i have no knowledge of coding.
How easy is it to modify xenforo to throw in a news system with a second column with differebt modules for example if i may ask?