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xenForo templates/styles in root directory

I am trying to make my entire site match and id like to make my website use xenforo styles, js, header, footer ect. I have tried kotomi but it doesnt work in the root directory it gets everything but it doesnt get the correct links for css, js, images. Is there anyway to fix this?

Here is the kotomi page

Forum url

$startTime = microtime(true);
$kotomi_indexFile = "./forum";
$kotomi_container = true;
$fileDir = dirname(__FILE__)."/{$kotomi_indexFile}";
require "{$fileDir}/library/Dark/Kotomi/KotomiHeader.php";
echo "
<title>kotomi test</title>
Hello world!
require "{$fileDir}/library/Dark/Kotomi/KotomiFooter.php";