Xenforo Task - VIP, License


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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a guy who's familiar with Xenforo, MySQL & PHP.

I have a task that needs to get done,
It should have the following:
  • A simple page with a button, where the users can get a license for each account. (You can only get a license once per. account)
  • Only VIP accounts from the forum can access the page / retrieve the license upon clicking the button.
  • Upon clicking on the button, it verifies if you are VIP, if it's the first time you retrieve a license, and that you're logged in.
If you are logged in, you're VIP, and it's your first time you've clicked the button/retrieved the license, then it will make a SELECT MySQL statemet to an external table called "license_table", and grant a KEY for the user. Please note that a key is only valid once, so the system autoincrement each key, and check that it's available, as next.

Payment through Paypal.

Send me a PM with your info/discord, if you're interested, or if you need more information! :)


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Your idea is possible without any issue. I have started a private conversation to discuss further.