XenForo support forum in foreign languages

Hey @dave3 and @mcatze ! Our friendly page, Multilingual XenForo Network, is growing up, and she would be happy to receive your little presentation texts from your XenForo support forums, if you like to do so, there is nothing compulsory of course!

Thanks to @XDinc and @Melvin Garcia for their kind participation. :)

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Page is updated with our last active member: @Dave from XenForo Poland ! :)
Thank you very much for your kind participation !

We only need @mcatze and @Jumuro !
I swear @mcatze this is the last time I mention you, don't worry I'm not a stalker!! :D

How does it look like to you? The website is closed, the domain went for sale and the profile of main dev has been set to "private" so nobody can see it and contact him. Probably lack of interest.
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I would assume legal issues over using a "Xenforo" TLD.
I do not know what you mean?!

As far as I know him here on the forum, Nicolas is a very precise person. Not to mention the immense contribution with translations.

A very strange case, I don't know the reason but I'm sorry because he was always available to help others.

Hi @Nicolas FR, all the best.
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