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Add-on Xenforo Slack / Slackbot


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It would be awesome with a Slackbot for Xenforo. (Slack is a powerful messaging app for teams/grous which allows you to add bots/apps).

Slack bot users: https://api.slack.com/bot-users

Slack incoming webhooks: https://api.slack.com/incoming-webhooks

A list of slack apps/bots: https://slack.com/apps

A few examples of what a slackbot for Xenforo could do:
  • Notify when a new user registers
  • Notify user moderation
  • Notify when @X gets tagged
  • Notify about new entries to the error log
  • Setup milestones - "yay, you just reached X registered members"
  • Report statistics "800 users currently online"
  • Ban/report a user by typing /ban or /report username
Etc. etc.

Not sure what's possible, but any support would be super cool to have.
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Jake B.

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We actually have something that functions relatively similar to this for our own internal use, it's probably something we could get to a point that we could release. Just shoot me a PM if you'd like :)


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PM me if you're willing to chip in for an add-on.

I'm thinking of starting with :

  • Ping when there's a new report. Display comment + URL.
  • Ping when X user/group is tagged. Display thread title+URL to the post.
  • Ping when there's a new post in X forum. Display thread title and URL.
Keeping it pretty basic.
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