Other Xenforo sitemap not working, need a tech to fix it

Everything is pretty much in the thread title. For some reason, xen isn't creating a sitemap. Additionally, I've noticed 'nofollow' showing up on some of my pages. I need that search engine traffic, need to get this fixed up. skype = bernie4366
You don't see anything in the sitemap logs under the tools in the ACP?

Check the settings: Option > XML Sitemap Generation
I just checked your customer account and the sitemap generation seems to be working correctly. You will notice that you can access sitemap.php and you will either download a gzipped XML file or be shown an index which points to two or more split XML files.

If you're having difficulty with the sitemap creation, please do submit a ticket or post in the Troubleshooting forum as we may be able to help.
Just as long as you know you do get support when you have an active license so please do feel free to ask us for support via a ticket or at least post in the Troubleshooting or Support forum if you need help :)
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