XenForo rebuild timing out

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
Hey all,

I go to rebuild search index and it continues to time out the server itself. This isn't a XenForo problem, its server related. I just want to know what I can tell GoDaddy to see if they can help. It times out after about 4000 cycles/entries or so.

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
I tried doing 300 cycles and a wait period of 2 seconds. It still somehow crashes the server or something temporarily. I get a no data received message in google chrome.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It could be due to PHP crashing.

Or it could be PHP being killed due to taking too long.

How long is it typically before the error occurs?
Does it always happen at the same time/place?

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
Roughly, yes. It runs through about 15,000 cycles. So its maybe 30 seconds tops each time. Sometimes its only like 10 secs though.

We are on godaddy shared, I tried getting them to something better. Forum has about 160,000 posts, 6000 members. Think they probably just need better specs, you think?