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Do you want a Pushover plugin?

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I really want to see support for Pushover! :)

Does anyone have the time and knowledge to make a Pushover plugin for Xenforo?

What is Pushover and how do I use it?

In short, Pushover is a service to receive instant push notifications on your phone or tablet from a variety of sources. To quickly get started:

Purchase and install our app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android device.
Run the app and it will walk you through creating a Pushover account and registering your device with our servers.
You'll get a new User Key sent to you (which you can always find on our dashboard) which works like a new e-mail address or phone number.
Copy and paste your User Key into any application that supports Pushover and it will instantly be able to start sending notifications to your device.
In more detail, Pushover is a platform for sending and receiving push notifications. On the server side, we provide an HTTP API for queueing messages to deliver to devices addressable by User or Group Keys. On the device side, our iOS and Android clients receive those push notifications, show them to the user, and store them for offline viewing.

If you're a developer or even just have some scripting knowledge, you can integrate Pushover notifications into your application, website, server process, network monitor, or anything else.
Read their FAQ here:

What i'd like to see is that when a member gets an alert one the xenforo board, push it to the Pushover app!

Simple as that! :D

So who's up for the job?

Read up on the API here:

And see what other apps and plugins there already is: (Drupal & Wordpress) :eek: