Xenforo Party?


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If I held a party for all Xenforo forum members and everyone showed up, what would it look like? What would be happening? Not happening? And whatever else you can think of.


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I wouldn't know what is happening at this party...
I would probably show up to the party, make the rounds, throw around some pleasantries, put one in the air and then find the back room where Jake is and try to absorb some of what it is he does in person so that I may have a visual aid on how to be more productive.

I guess I would be waiting on the thread that get's made about the party afterward to get filled in...unless it ends up being one of those what happens at the party stays at the party type of party. But of course someone can drink one down in my place. Salute!


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I'm scared of parties. I would probably find a back room with a computer and internet connection.
How come you don't listen to music? Is that part of why you don't like parties? So you never watched MTV growing up?