XenForo moderation tips

Hey there,

Wanted to reach out to the moderators to hear what are the do's and dont's of moderating from your experience with XenForo. We're getting ready to launch our forum and am hoping to learn from your experiences.


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This is a support forum for XenForo users.
Your questions would be better off suited on a general admin forum.

Unless you own a license of course, in which case associate your forum user name with your license and I will move it to the appropriate forum.


Personally I have found that the owner and moderators set the flavour of how the forum will run from the start. I have been running my one for over 8 years now and because we are not heavy handed the members see that as the pace or level we have set. To date we have had so few incidence where we actually had to lay down the law I cannot even recall them. Our biggest issues are with members just posting threads in the incorrect forum areas and we need to move them. Treat people like kids and they will act like kids, treat them like adults and they will act like adults