XenForo mobile solutions available today?


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I am wondering what the general solution is that everybody is coming up with for XF in regards to mobile devices?

I am in the midst of planning a new site and have an eye towards using one of my XF licenses with it. I've been talking to a few different people who would be part of the targeted demographic and, surprisingly, the topic of mobile devices kept coming up.

Personally I prefer a mobile style solution over a device specific app' but browsing the forums I've seen various topics regard some people starting work on a mobile style and others recommending Tapatalk.

Short of a true mobile style or device app', has anybody come up with some methods of making the default XF style a little more mobile friendly (eg: turning off the sidebar automatically if a mobile device browser is detected)?


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I don't have any app at all. XF renders, and works, fine on my iPhone and iPad, and my friends' Evo.
It renders, yes, but like most forums the full style is a bit squished. Some simple stuff like being able to suppress the sidebar if on a mobile device would help out so people don't need to zoom in.


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There's a mobile style in progress here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/mobile-style-work-in-progress.15016/
And another one here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xfstop-mobile-style.9065/

There also Tapatalk and Forum Runner.

Kier and Mike have stated a preference for doing a specific mobile style over an app at some point.

I haven't seen anyone who has adapted the default style to suit a mobile device specifically though.

I am curious how the mobile feature may work. I have one site using xenforo. Would a mobile feature kick in if someone visits via a mobile device ... But the "regular" xenforo kicks in if the user visits via a computer?