Xenforo Meetups?


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This forum always seemed kinda tight knit. Even the staff, irregardless of the drama. I've both given and recieved great webmaster and life advice from peeps I wouldn't have expected, it's about time the community had a meetup.


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I'm at the Cherry Beans Cafe at Ashfield Mall (Sydney) most Tuesday afternoons from 4pm - 5:30pm while I wait for my son to finish his Spanish lessons ... we could meet up there :D


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How about a XenForo-Con.

We can rent a venue out, and everyone gets XenForo goodies.

With a special panel where everyone gets to see @Mike coding live, using colored pens and highlighters.

Games area where we get @Chris D a giant red bird suit and throw him into a pen full of pigs?

With a special appearance from @Brogan and his lookalike Jason Statham

And a yoga zone with @Jake Bunce


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I have a passport and I fly for free since I started working at my local international airport. I am willing to go to any Xenforo meetup that's in a public place that's guaranteed to have at least more than three people.

As far as organizing a meetup from my home state of Florida, I wouldn't do it where I live (Pensacola) because I think most people who visit Fl would rather go to Miami so I would organize it at Miami.

I could also go to one or do one at Dallas Fort Worth Texas or Charlotte North Carolina since I go there once a month.