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Xenforo Media Gallery Questions

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Michael, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    I have a few questions about it:

    1. Can images be disabled so only videos can be posted?
    2. Can replies be completely turned off for all media?
    3. How does the random widget work in the sidebar, are they recent random or random from all shared media?
    4. Does media posting affect post count/thread count of the members account and does it affect forum totals?

    Thank you.
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    1. Yes with user permissions. Only embedded videos are supported, e.g. you cannot upload videos, but you can embed videos from any BB Code Media Sites you have set up, e.g. YouTube.
    2. Yes, again with user permissions.
    3. They are random from all media you have permission to view.
    4. It doesn't affect post count. But it has its own counts and statistics:

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  3. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    Thank you Chris, thats excellent, can you import threads into the media gallery, I cant say I really expect it but it would be good for what I do already but using forums instead of a media gallery.
  4. Dead Tomorrow

    Dead Tomorrow Member

    Does the Media Gallery automatically resize photos? One of the problems I have with Xenforo at the moment is that the photos I take from my iphone are too large, so can't be uploaded without resizing (something I suspect the majority of users won't be bothered to do). It'd be great if the MG solves that problem, or if another add on does?
  5. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    There is a separate option to control that with XFMG, but you can already do it with XenForo:


    That's in Options > Attachment Options

    Set Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions and the images will be resized automatically to that upon upload. A similar option exists for the Gallery, though, so you may want to allow larger images in the Gallery.
  6. Dead Tomorrow

    Dead Tomorrow Member

    Thanks Chris - will that mean people can upload photos of say, 6MB, but it will then be resized and the original discarded? (which is what I would prefer) I just don't want people to get the "your file is to big to upload" message.
  7. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    That's right.
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  8. MoonRiver

    MoonRiver Member

    I am new at XF can you please point me to the right documentation on how to setup random media gallery on sidebar?
  9. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Sure... first step is associate your username with your account if you have not already (and I think you are already associated).
    Second step, post the request in the gallery support area at https://xenforo.com/community/forums/media-gallery-support.87/ since general support is not provided in the public areas but only in the areas open to license holders.
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