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Xenforo Media Gallery Questions (Pre-Sales)

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by A15, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. A15

    A15 New Member

    Hi all! I am thinking about purchasing Xenforo. I have tried out the demo and it's impressive, but had a few pre-sales questions:

    1. Can the Xenforo gallery be hosted on the root (http://site.com) while the forums at a subdomain (http://forums.site.com) ? How can this be accomplished?

    2. What are the maximum amount 'Options for Choices' for a single Gallery Field?

    3. What are the maximum number of images allowed in the gallery?

    4. How can I remove "View media in album:" drop downs? I want all albums to be viewable to "everybody" always.

    5. How can I make Gallery Fields REQUIRED even if it is being submitted to a personal album? I tried this out in the demo, checked the required field from the admin panel, but it only enforces if images are being submitted to a category, not to an album.

    6. Where are the RSS or XML feeds available for new images? Is there a feed that lists all images, their title description, etc?

    7. There is currently only one tag field. How can I add two more tag fields (for three total)?
    • And I want each of these tag fields to be able to have their own database of terms.
    • My use case is complicated, but here is a simplified example: One tag field where users only enter a car make (toyota, honda,etc). Another tag field has their model (corolla, civic, pilot, etc), and then some of the features in a third tag field (leather seats, cruise control, all wheel drive, etc)
      • Like the one single tag field currently in Xenforo, I want to also be able to manage these from the admin panel and to have the autocomplete feature for users when they are typing them in
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Theoretically this can be achieved. It's sort of similar to something @digitalpoint did for his site, but it's not supported. You can, however, have the Gallery set as your index page route, meaning your Gallery could be the first page you hit at http://site.com and your forums would be http://site.com/forums - this is default functionality.

    The field in the database which they are stored (as a serialized array) handles up to 65,535 characters. This should equate to quite a lot.

    There's no limit

    You can set defaults and remove the permission to change album privacy

    I'm pretty sure that should work -- I will check and get back to you on this.

    This isn't something we support (and hasn't been suggested before). This would lead you towards having to use custom fields for this or having the feature custom developed to your specification by a third party developer.

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask anything else :)
  3. A15

    A15 New Member

    Thank you for your super fast reply, Chris! I had a few follow-up questions that I hope you can help me with:

    First one which I edited in after you replied heh:

    Where are the RSS or XML feeds available for new images? Is there a feed that lists all images, their title description, etc?

    If i understand correctly, I can change the path to the forums. In the admin panel, I see Options -> Basic Board Information and editing "Index Page Route" can do this.

    However, for the gallery, where do I change the location for that? How do I make it so it is in http://site.com (or even another folder like http://site.com/images)

    I may have phrased this incorrectly.

    So in the "Edit Gallery Field" page, I can "Add Additional Choices". How many additional choices can I add? Or are you saying my additional choices all together can be up to, but no more than 65,535 worth of characters?

    Thank you, hopefully it was just a mistake on my end and it works !

    The "Gallery Fields" is really robust, however, in order to use that, I would have to account for all of the possible options that could be put in and that's not something that can always be done. Users are much better in filling in these things and as new tags/terminologies come up, they could be added by users rather than I.

    I guess this won't be a Xenforo-developed item anytime soon since I am the first to ask. Do you think this is a big development effort and can you recommend me any good third party Xenforo devs?
  4. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Generally, you just need to add "index.rss" to the end of the URL, e.g.


    Changing the Index Page Route specifies which route (URL) is the default home page URL. It defaults to 'forums'. So if you go to http://site.com you will see the forum index. If you were to change it to 'xengallery' you will see the gallery index when you go to http://site.com. You would see the normal forum list by going to http://site.com/forums.

    If you didn't want to change any of this, but you wanted to change the default media/ route to be images/ instead then you can do this using Route Filters. There is already a Route Filter which changes 'xengallery' => 'media', so you just edit that and change 'media' to 'images' and from then on the gallery home page is available at http://site.com/images instead of http://site.com/media

    My answer was worded poorly.

    There's no actual limit, you can keep adding as many choices as you like. But there is a theoretical limit in terms of how much the database field where they are stored can accept. Ultimately, I expect you could probably add as many choices as you need and you wouldn't get anywhere near that limit so you should be ok :)
    Check out the "Third Party Services Offers" forum for service providers who might be offering such services, and also check out the authors in our Resources section.

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