Add-on XenForo Media Gallery CONTESTS/COMPETITIONS! :)


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Ok... come on bright minds of the XenForo Community - this has to be done.

I run a student film website so I use the XenForo Media Gallery just for video but it would certainly work for photos too.

An awesome addon would allow you to make a contest where people can submit entries and vote for their favorites. I could do it manually as it is currently but it would be great to have an add on for it.

I have it sort of set up here:

The "contest" category is a container and beneath it are the actual contests.

Basically the idea is this:

  • Admin would create a category for each contest
  • People would then submit their entries before a certain date
  • Then there would be a "voting period" where submissions aren't allowed but voting is.
  • Then the 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners would be announced.
I'm sure I can do all this manually - but it'd be nice to have it coded in somewhat with a lot of other great features.

And of course I'm sure I'm missing other ideas to make it even cooler so chime in if you have your own ideas.

But come on people - this is a no brainer! :)