MG 2.2 XenForo Media Gallery Blank

I have recently updated XenForo to 2.2 and updated XenForo Media Gallery to 2.2.1. I did everything to rebuild to include the cache and add-on. I ensured that the User Group Permissions was already set. When you click Media button, it displays nothing but a white page. Inspected the page and there was no code what so ever.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There is something there.

It looks like the page title changes to "Powered by CCMS v4.1".

Do you have a directory in your webroot called "media"? If so whatever is in that directory is being accessed and XenForo isn't picking it up to instead display your media gallery.

If you upgraded from XF 1.x then previously the default gallery "route" was xengallery and we used a route filter to change it to media. We dropped that approach with XFMG 2.x so you'll need to make sure that "media" directory you have is moved somewhere else.