XenForo + LastPass + Facebook login at the "Associate with Account" step


I don't know how, but LastPass started interacting badly with the "Associate with Account" step after logging in with Facebook. Specifically where it identifies a user already registered with that email and thus only asks for a password.

Perhaps LastPass sets a hidden form field incorrectly thinking that it knows better than XenForo what that field should be set to. In any case, I could not get it to accept the password as correct by pasting it or autofilling it. Problem is, I had just used that same password to log in the normal way.

Turning off LastPass allowed me to defeat this oddity and finish associating that account with Facebook, but I would like to investigate why. (is this something I should report here or to LastPass?)

It could just be a one-in-a-million-chance thing because I am running around testing with multiple accounts for that domain saved into LastPass - I don't know if it modifies a hidden input field which then invalidates the password I wanted to paste into it.


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That sounds like a LastPass issue. I don't know what "triggers" it uses to try to figure out what's going on and whether it should fill out a page (and how it does so).