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Xenforo keeps logging me out each time i create a new node in the admin panel

is anyone else having this problem? I'm in the process of setting up my forum and each time i try to create a child node, it logs me out after it is created. Then I log in again, create another node, and i get logged out again.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If you haven't made explicit changes to library/config.php, you're not caching sessions.

However, I would suggest that this could be caused by something like mod_security or some overzealous server security feature, though I'm not sure why. You haven't found anywhere else in the control panel where it happens? Does it happen after editing a node?
I just installed Xenforo, and I didn't make any changes to anything else. I just started creating Nodes and this keeps happening to me. Did I miss a step in the installation process? I followed the installation manual and I used the tool to check that all files are there


XenForo developer
Staff member
Can you submit a ticket with admin CP access details and we'll see if we can reproduce it?
I think I found the problem. Earlier I was tethering with my cellphone for internet connection in the library to customize my Xenforo. But now when I'm back at home on a dedicated internet connection, everything is fine and I'm not getting logged out each time i create a node. Weird...