Xenforo is awesome


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A few days ago I started to register my first website.
After that I decided to buy Xenforo.
The installation instructions are very clear.
In a couple of minutes my default forum was online.

At this moment I almost finished the style, the content is empty but that's for the next days.

I will thank to whole team and everyone for this awesome software.


@Jericho M I suggest Arvixe. I was with hosting24 and I hated it. The CPU Sharing Rates at Arvixe are fantastic. You can even send up to 1000 emails/hr. I am using the PersonalClass package. (Incase you wanted to know :D )


Jericho M

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@Jericho M Did you make any progress?
None yet. I have two options right now the BlueHost and HostGator but I don't know how to configure XenForo with them. I try to ask the help of their customer support but they don't want to help me I don't know why. Can anyone give a link or a video tutorial of step by step installation process?


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Strange that they not wil help you, a little bit support is what you expected from them:confused:
For me a good reason to choose for another one.