Xenforo instead of Wordpress?

I'm probably about a week away from purchase as I sort everything out with my server host. - I see a lot of questions about integrating with WP, but I was wondering if it's possible to just use Xenforo as the "blog/news" feed on a landing page.

I don't necessarily need all the bells and whistles of WP, I just want to be able to post news each day with images uploaded within the article, a header image and some menu links to social media and a forum index.

Is this something XF can do? Act as a bare bones CMS blog page?
but if you decide not to renew their subscription along with core xenforo package, you would have to pay the full price the next time you decide to use them. it basically is removed from your license.

about your primary question... xenforo article thread type works well. especially if your primary focus is the forum component of xenforo. if xenforo is to support your blog/cms component, i would still recommend looking into wordpress as the cms/blog component. it just does better in terms of google indexing and ranking.
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