XF 1.5 Xenforo installation on a nas error required PHP


I have a nas synology server
I would like to install a xenforo
Then I and try the script to see what is required
The problem "The required PHP extension Iconv could not be found."
I am looking for a solution

Thank you for taking the time to read top
My site http://nas.ps3down.fr/xenforo_requirements.php
Translation with google

je dispose d'un serveur nas synology
Je voudrai installer un xenforo
alors je et essaye le script pour voir ce qui est requise
la probème "The required PHP extension Iconv could not be found."
je cherche une solution

merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire top


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As I responded in the other thread, as the error text states, contact your host or sysadmin and ask them to install the Iconv extension.


[QUOTE = "Brogan, poste: 1127840, membre: 521"]. Comme je l'ai répondu dans l'autre thread, comme l'indique le texte d'erreur, contactez votre hôte ou sysadmin et leur demander d'installer l'extension Iconv [/ QUOTE]
It's my own I can not ask for help from my host ..
I and all intalle

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It is a limitation of the device itself.

I can tell you with certainty that many NAS devices with built in app and server abilities do not allow you to install extensions from their interfaces, many people have issues doing that manually as well with these units.

I suggest this be a support question best asked at forum.synology.com