XenForo Install / Upgrades $10!

Sir nick

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I don't believe that users should be charged an arm and a leg for a product then have to pay an arm and a leg for installation. Thats why I'm willing to install and upgrade your XenForo for only a flat fee of $10. Note: If we install and you want an upgrade we will do upgrades for $5. XenForo is truly simple and nothing really tough. So If you order a RC 2 install and next week RC3 / Gold comes out your upgrade fee is $5.

Install XenForo - $10​
Upgrade XenForo $10 (If you purchased an install it's $5 for each upgrade)​

Before the service is done you must meet the requirements. To test if you have the requirements we ask you go here.

If you'd like the service done you can either contact me here or by email (nickpperk@live.com). Services will be done within 24 hours of order.