XenForo Insights Episode 2 - Join us!


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Episode 2 of our webinar series airs today at 1500 GMT (about 45 minutes from now). We're going to be talking about 'moving to XenForo'.

Come along and join us!
I just wanted to say thanks for the first video, been meaning to make a post, its appreciated and I actually learnt a lot from it.

Cant wait to watch the second one.

Thanks again. @Kier
I'm about to sit back and enjoy the first episode. Looking forward to seeing this one on YouTube.

I do have a suggestion, though. @Kier -- would you mind posting these come join us threads in the announcements section? I totally missed this thread because it was in this section which I only browse sporadically.
Same as watching or going to any forum. I think this is the best fit, the announcement forum is for business related talk, this is not quite the right fit for that.
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