Fixed XenForo Frontcontroller


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In the Frontcontroller you're using
public function setRequestPaths()
$requestPaths = XenForo_Application::getRequestPaths($this->_request);
XenForo_Application::set('requestPaths', $requestPaths);
Shouldn't this be XenForo_Application::getInstance()->loadRequestPaths() ?
I'm NOT 100% sure;)
What i wanted to achieve is to overwrite the requestPaths with an event listener on init_dependencies

It ended now with a own frontcontroller, but it's still strange that it's not using XenForo_Application::get('requestPaths');


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I think it was doing that to use the correct request object (rather than a new, non-injectable one). I've changed it so it will only run if the paths haven't been setup yet.