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Xenforo Forum Installation/Services

I am currently offering reliable/friendly Xenforo services.

The current services I am offering are:

- Xenforo Installation - $50(USD)
This is included with 1 style installation to get you started!


  • A Valid Xenforo License
  • You must be able to run XenForo with their system requirements
  • Once your order is received, you will be requested to give out required FTP information and admin access, along with MySQL Database details
- Xenforo Conversion - $40(USD)
This order requires the same thing as the above details along with the following

  • Admin and ftp access to forum that is being converted

- Xenforo Theme/Addon Install

1 - 2$
5 - 5$

If you have any questions or custom request feel free to message me/PM me on the forums. You can also go to my site to message me about the services I offer. If your having any issues with your forum feel free to message me and Ill gladly help you!
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