XenForo for CRM?

The more I use XenForo the more I like it.

I have only a basic install for a membership site, and it's working great. Especially on the admin side.

With options like forums, badges, resource manager, accounts, tier/granular permissions, etc. I'm thinking of using XenForo as a customer portal.

So I'm wondering if others have done this and what their experiences were like?

Does XenForo work with Aweber? Does it play with PayPal? Does it have a cart? An affiliate system? Does it have commerce reporting? Google Analytics integration (especially with Tag Manager)?

Stuff like that.

I am in the middle of planning a site redesign (turning my blog into a conversion machine and customer support/sales centre) and was thinking what membership software I want to use for customers to access their purchases. I'm leaning towards DAP right now.

But then I started wondering if I should use XenForo instead/with WordPress/DAP.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.



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Google analytics is a setting, just specify your analytics account number. The only integration with PayPal is user upgrades. The rest would require add-ons.