XenForo First Anniversary


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Today marks one year since the sale of the first XenForo license, back on October 5th 2010. In the interim, we brought the software to its 1.0.0 stable release in March, and after that our attention switched to gathering the vast amount of feedback from customers and visitors to XenForo.com.

That feedback has resulted in a feature-rich XenForo version 1.1, which contains dozens of new features, improvements and tweaks, all geared specifically to address the needs and wants expressed to us. Several of the changes have already been demonstrated in a series of new Have You Seen videos, including custom user fields, notices, search improvements, thread prefixes and thread prefix management, BB code media improvements and more.

XenForo.com has been running a pre-release version of 1.1 for several weeks now, which has given it a thorough try-out in a production environment. We are pleased with the results, and the reception it has received.

To mark this first anniversary, and because we consider it to be ready for a wider test, later today we will be releasing XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 1 to all licensed customers.

As always with a beta release, there are known bugs with the software and we make no warranty as to its suitability for deployment to a production environment. The release is unsupported, and is made for the purpose of testing, soliciting feedback, and to assist add-on and style developers with their work to ensure that their products are compatible with the new version.

Check back later today to pick up the birthday present!