Xenforo Feed Back

Well a bit of Journey for me from Drupal 6 - Was looking to upgrade to Drupal 7 and got talked into this.........

I think its Very cool and I think from my first steps I was very anti as never heard of Xenforo and its kind of hard letting 5 years of experience go from another platform and start again..........

Its also hard as I am not a business just run a community so to engage in a purchased solution I will be honest and felt well we were better off on Drupal.......

Drupal has many issues but all my issues with Xenforo on that its young and some basic features are missing.....

Basics are we jumped in with out enough testing and our issues have been basic functions are missing with out sub purchases and some are not currently available such as field files and images which TBH was a bit of a shocker..............

So some feed back...............

No Support for Drupal migration - appreciate Drupal is a complicated beast and users and forums can be imported but Drupal also has Custom Fields and Views which is a massive plus and impossible to import to Xenforo but getting their...........

To purchase Xenforo over Drupal in its current state I think I would go Drupal as although many addons and themes have to be purchased on Drupal you can do everything with out purchase.............

Drupal slows down very quick once you start adding add ons - At present not seeing use slow down on Xenforo but if you update a module on Xenforo can take 10 mins plus

Running a business cheap as chips :) but for a non profit ORG kind of hurts and think we already spent to much :(

Its hard for me at present as still unable to complete migration to Xenforo and having purchased items now feel its been a long hard haul and TBH glad I am here but second chance perhaps Xenforo is not ready for what our group needs to do at present.......

BUT love all that you have done its a great setup and as I said I am just set in my ways think its so many great features but also had issues with conflicting module addons which is nothing new on Drupal either
but took me many hours to resolve a bad module causing issues.........

I would suggest better testing and sign off on 3rd party addons to certify them as this grows it will get more issues ~IMO

Keep up the great work all

Tracy Perry

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There is a major difference in what Drupal is and what XenForo is. One is a CMS script and one is a forum script. To expect a forum script to duplicate a CMS one is a little bit of a reach. ;)

If it is taking 10 minutes to update an add-on on XenForo for you, you have an underlying problem on the hosting provider.


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Drupal goes beyond a CMS. It's a Content Construction Kit (CCK) and very complex. There is a Drupal forum extension but it sucks compared to even free forum scripts. You will have to think for yourself what's more important for you, the community aspect (go with xenforo) or the article frontpage type aspect (go with drupal). You could always request a paid xenforo drupal bridge though I doubt most xenforo developers are interested in and familiar with drupal.
Well I think Xenforo is bit more than just a Forum Script :) but guess that is what it was designed to be but with all the addons its becoming a lot more versatile and IMO Xenforo is a CMS in many ways

Yup Drupal Forum is really bad :) I have used PHPBB a lot in the past but really love Xenforo Forum infact not had a single issue with it and layout and controls are Brill

Yeh The CCK on Drupal is very cool and views allows so much to be done with the data.......... But I think RM here is great just missing the file and image support

Ok thanks for tip on updates will look into that further