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I am working on a FAQ section for my forum. Is there an easy way to create a FAQ page? Here is the start of it. I would like a clean page sort of like the Xenforo Help page.

I didn't receive my registration email confirmation
Under normal circumstances you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of registering on Mysite.com.

Common problems that occur if you DID NOT receive your email confirmation:

Free email accounts
Email accounts like Gmail, AOL and Yahoo can at times block email messages from unknown senders or messages considered "spam". Please check your spam settings or contact your email service provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Check your Spam, Trash and Junk email folders
Always check your spam, trash and junk mail folders for a message from the Mysite.com community. Many times free email services route email to these folders.

Check and adjust your email Blocking or Spam settings
Check your email settings for SPAM or Blocked Senders. Please make sure your email service can accept messages from Mysite.com - You may have to add our email address admin@mysite.com or Mysite's domain in the settings section of your email service.

Posting a new Thread
To post a new message - or "Thread", pick the the forum topic you are interested in that bests suites your question, comment or needs, for example " Questions?" Then, click on the "Post new Thread" button:

A message box will appear allowing you to type your new message. Please remember to enter a suiting 'Thread Title' for your message. After you have finished, please click "Create Thread".

Replying to a Message or Thread
Scroll down to the last message and you will see a "Write your Reply" box were you can reply to a message or thread.

Uploading images into Threads and Messages
Mysite.com allows you to upload picture files into your threads or messages (in JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG, PDF, JPE, GIF, or TXT) up to 1024 kb - the maximum dimensions of pictures is 600 x 600.

To upload an image do the following:
1. In the message box - click the "Upload File" button.

2. Select the image file to upload from your computer.

3. Choose Thumbnail or Full Image. (Thumbnail is a small image that enlarges in a viewer when clicked.)

4. Click the "Post Reply" button when photo is uploaded. Don't forget to add a message if you would like before submitting.

You can also type in a URL to insert an image or media from a different website. Click the correct button:


Paste or type URL of image.


Note:You may include up to 5 image files per post.

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That add-on can be used to create an FAQ page.

That's what you asked for, isn't it?