XenForo FAQ...?


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We have discussed adding the FAQ to the manual; there are pros and cons to having it in the forum or manual, mainly related to search and accessibility/visibility.


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Yes I want this as well. Something "whitelabel" to help guide end-users on how to use the forum software. Not everyone has experience online, especially older people who are just getting the hang of how to use forums. And also many people are used to vbulletin and Xenforo is totally different to use. This seems like a simple "feature" to add without development time, just hire a writer and outsource it.


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When will XenForo have an FAQ on how to use the forum? I think that's a must have for every forum software.
Somebody knows how or where I can have a XF real manual (sorry to say it in this way) but I can not find a compilation of all the features, processes, answers, flow charts, directories, troubleshooting, etc., without having to try to discover myself all the resources that the XF has! Something that you can print with one click. I think, many people may be interested to buy it if necessary.

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where I can have a XF real manual. I think, many people may be interested to buy it if necessary.
I doubt there any significant demand for a printable .pdf manual. It would be time consuming to produce as well. Real manuals are dead !
I suspect you how about the manual on the help page ?
It's not comprehensive.

Good news.
I have something MUCH BETTER than a manual.
You can ask questions and receive answers ... without looking it up yourself !

Click it ... you'll love it.



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I am beginning to make exactlyt this for my members.
I agree a LOT of people don't know what on earth they are doing and need nursing.

Now my version is of limited use to others because my forum is heavily into its own look and feel So the pics are no good to anyone. They'd have to be replaced with screenshopts. Also there are bits that only relate to my community.
But the idea and structure might help.


I'll be adding more.

To make it I am using Waindigo's Library addon as I can quickly and easily make pages with the bbcode editor in the frontend.
But if you prefer make it ihn an XF Page.
Or use Anthony's Help system to create a set of Help pages.