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The Facebook Canvas App allows members to view and post from within the Xenforo forum from within Facebook.A couple months ago I made a Facebook Canvas App for my Xenforo site and while it went over well with my members, I could not get it approved because I did not have SSL and I couldn't get it on my shared hosting at the time. Now that I am on a Managed VPS I have bought a SSL (just now, waiting for it to be activated) and am going to try to get my site approved and run Facebook Ads on it.

Today I clicked on my app and it no longer works. I asked @0xym0r0n and hers no longer works either. I think Facebook has closed it off from people who aren't running SSL in order to cut down spam. If not, let me know. I know there is a vBulletin Facebook App officially created by vBulletin. I wonder how that's going. Mike Edge is creating a Facebook App that has been in development since 2011. His app will make use of Facebook's timeline and notifications. Me personally, I just want to get a basic canvas app running, no frills etc. Throw some ads up on there too.


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I never moved servers so xframe shouldn't be an issue, but i think when we upgraded to 1.2 we overwrote that xframe thing... i bet it worked prior to 1.2 I have to find that file again. I know I liked the post and Mike answered it...
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Mike's was working last I saw. He's really placing some touches on it. I've no idea on an ETA, but for beta release I think it could be ready!
Yeap, waiting on @Russ to finish up a style for me and then onto my front end designing I go.. *cough*was suppose to be done yesterday*cough* Bug must be going around...