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XenForo Enhanced Search and Japanese

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by vplusasia, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. vplusasia

    vplusasia Member

    I have read all the forum and realized that xenforo search engine does not work well with Japanese, Chinese...

    I would like ask if the Enhanced Search addon can search Japanese, chinese, Vietnamese (utf-8).

    Could some one who is the developers of xenforo confirm this for me?

  2. the100yen

    the100yen Member

    I second this
  3. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    With the default installation, the XenForo search will work with any utf-8 strings which includes Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. The problem with the default system is the minimum number of characters for the sql request which is 4. So you might consider to buy the "enhanced-search" which is working even with 1 character (you can test it on this board ; for example). Now I can't tell you more, I don't have it yet. I first must check my share hosting can support it. May be some Chinese/Japanese board owners could reply you here.
  4. the100yen

    the100yen Member

    cool, let me know what you find out! I am currently using hostgator
  5. the100yen

    the100yen Member

    Just to add, even I put more than 4 letters, it still does not find anything for me...:(
  6. ENF

    ENF Well-Known Member

    I can confirm that the Enhanced Search add-on for XenForo works fine with finding Japanese text.

    As Cedric mentioned above, the default engine is somewhat limited due to the number of characters required. Using the Enhanced Search is your best option to avoid making other modifications for the default search engine.

    What I can't tell you is which hosts support the necessary functions for Enhanced Search, I only have dedicated servers to test on.

    I have one live vB3 site that I'll be migrating to XF+Enhanced Search, it's a mixed English and Japanese system. In testing so far, we're happy with the results that the Enhanced Search gives up.
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  7. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    I've just made some tests and it's working fine with Hanzi (Chinese: 我我我我 / Japanese: 私私私私) but not with hiragana (ですです) or katakana (フランス).

    It's strange because hiragana or katakana can be used with utf-8. May be Mike knows why and could explain the reason.
  8. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    I've checked the fetchAll function of the Zend Framework and the string containing hiragana or katakana is in UTF-8 format, but the sql return is empty. It may be come from this. I've tried a solution to encode the unicode string to bites (see here and there) but it didn't work. I didn't find any other useful information.
  9. vplusasia

    vplusasia Member

    Could you show me your forum?
  10. vplusasia

    vplusasia Member

    After playing with xenforo and Enhanced Search add-on for a week, I can confirm that with the Enhanced Search, xenforo search function works well with fing Japanese text.

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