XenForo Enhanced Search 1.1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of XenForo Enhanced Search 1.1.0. This release is now considered stable and supported. The Enhanced Search 1.1 release adds several new features, including:
  • Default relevancy sorting
  • Recency-weighted relevancy support
  • Failed index queueing
And other small improvements. See the beta announcement for full details.

Customers with active Enhanced Search licenses can now download it from their customer area.

Please note that XenForo Enhanced Search 1.1 now requires XenForo 1.3. The Elasticsearch requirements remain 0.16.0 or newer.

Compared to the previous Enhanced Search 1.1 beta release, this version no longer enables recency-weighted relevancy support. This is because of recent changes to Elasticsearch that disable dynamic scripting by default. Enabling this option in Elasticsearch 1.2.0+ now requires you to re-enable dynamic scripting or to copy a custom scoring script to Elasticsearch's scripts directory.


XenForo Enhanced Search can be purchased with a new license via the purchase page or with an existing license via the customer area.

Installation, Upgrading and Configuration

Please see our XenForo Enhanced Search manual page for more information.